Inmate Mail

Stamps, envelopes, paper and pens are available for purchase from the commissary. Incoming mail will be delivered to the inmates within 24 hours from the day it is received at the Adult Detention Center. All incoming mail will be opened by staff and checked for contraband and content. Any money orders received will be credited to the inmate’s account and a receipt given to the inmate. All contraband will be confiscated. Contraband that violates a law will be used as evidence and appropriate action, including the possibility of criminal action, will be taken by the staff or the Criminal Investigations Division.

Incoming and outgoing mail may be read and confiscated if there is credible evidence of possible threat to the facility, or that the mail is being used in the furtherance of illegal activity. Non-pornographic magazines and periodicals sent to inmates must be mailed from the publisher and approved by the Jail Administrator. Packages are not permitted and will not be accepted. C.O.D. mail will not be accepted. No hardcover books will be accepted.

Granting Emergency Leave to Inmates
Emergency leave may be granted to pre-sentenced prisoners when it is confirmed that there exists a serious illness or death in the inmates immediate family AND appropriate agency personnel are available to provide continuous security. Emergency leave may only be considered when the serious illness or death involves an inmate’s grandparents, parents, spouse, brother, sister, son or daughter. Immediate family members do not include aunts, uncles, other relatives by marriage, nephews, nieces, cousins or other relations.
Emergency leave will not be granted OR transportation provided to sentenced inmates UNLESS directed by a court order. No emergency leave will be authorized to locations outside of Pickens County.

Pre-sentenced inmates posing a threat to public safety and/or who are currently on disciplinary lock-down will not be granted emergency leave. Such a determination will be based upon an evaluation of the charges for which the inmate is incarcerated and his/her behavior record while at the ADC. Prisoners charged with a violent or sex offense and /or who have attempted to escape from custody or otherwise displayed disruptive/combative behavior toward agency employees and/or other inmates, will not be authorized emergency leave.

A minimum of two deputies will be assigned to provide security to inmates granted emergency leave within Pickens County.

Inmates granted emergency leave may wear appropriate civilian attire as provided by the family AND will be restrained with waist chains, leg irons and handcuffs during transport and visitations. Either the inmate or a family member may initiate a written request to the commander of the ADC for emergency leave to attend a funeral or serious illness of an immediate family member.

The written request will provide sufficient information to fully identify the deceased or seriously ill family member, the relationship to the inmate, the specific medical condition and name of attending physician, the location where the inmate is to be transported and any other information deemed appropriate to substantiate the request.

The ADC Commander or his designee will advise the individual who initiated the request for emergency leave of his/her decision. All expenses associated with the transport and security of inmates authorized emergency leave will be the responsibility of the prisoner’s family UNLESS it can be demonstrated that there in an inability to pay because of a financial hardship or other mitigating circumstances.