Animal Control

 Click here to view photos of animals picked up by Animal Control in Pickens County, Georgia.

The Pickens Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit enforces animal ordinances and state laws in our growing county concerning the care and protection of our pets and animals. Our office reduces the number of animal abuse, animal bite, and aggressive animal cases by enforcing ordinances.


One of our greatest tools is public and departmental education. We assist the Uniform Patrol Division in the area of problem calls, as well as providing up-to-date information concerning changing animal ordinances in our county. The Animal Control Unit will help educate the citizens of Pickens County with information such as:

  • Collaring and tagging our pets
  • Keeping up-to-date Rabies vaccinations on record
  • Keeping our animals within our control areas
  • Reporting dangerous animals.

Our animals deserve to have responsible pet-owners. Please visit the Pickens County Animal Shelter Website by clicking here!

Help us to better serve you!

Deputy John Hale