Criminal Investigations Division


The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is commanded by Lt. Ray Grace and is responsible for the investigation of crimes occurring within Pickens County and to support or assist crime victims. The Criminal Investigations Division follows up on all crimes including but not limited to: domestic violence, property and person crimes, fraud and crimes against children. All Pickens Sheriff’s Office Detectives have experience in Uniform Patrol and are assigned to CID based upon their knowledge, experience and investigatory skills.

A Detective’s responsibilities include locating and interviewing victims, suspects and witnesses; identifying and preserving physical evidence; and recovering stolen property.

In addition, Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for presenting criminal cases to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

If you need to contact someone in the Criminal Investigations Division, they can be reached at 706-253-8935 or email.

CID is located in the Field Operations Center at 1264 East Church Street, Jasper, GA 30143.