Work Detail/Release Program


One of the first orders of business after taking office in 2008 for Sheriff Craig was the creation of an outside Inmate Work Detail. Throughout his campaign, Sheriff Craig spoke with numerous citizens throughout the community and found that this was something that the community wanted to see brought back.

After careful evaluation of the staff, Corporal Billy Lingerfelt was selected to lead this project and to supervise the inmates that were selected. Corporal Lingerfelt has been in Law Enforcement for almost 30 years. More importantly, Corporal Lingerfelt has a desire to make his community a better place to live. His concern for the people working in his unit is evident through their desire to take pride in what they do.

Service in Action

Since it’s beginning in 2009, the Inmate Work Detail has performed over 11,000 work hours. In this time, the Inmate Work Detail has been responsible for picking up 5,000 bags of trash and 235 tires from the streets of our community.  They have also assisted the Pickens County Road Department, Volunteer Fire Deptartments., Board of Education, and the Chamber of Commerce in a variety of other tasks and events. In addition, the Inmate Work Detail has saved the tax payers of Pickens County over $200,000 by providing the labor to construct the Pickens County Animal Shelter.

At the end of 2009, the Pickens Sheriff’s Office was awarded the Elaine Thomason Award from Keep Pickens Beautiful for outstanding work in cleaning up our community.

Inmates are selected based on a variety of criteria.


  • The Inmate Work Detail is a voluntary program that is offered to inmates who have a willingness to participate in. At no time are inmates required to participate.


  • All Inmates must be sentenced or currently serving on probation or parole prior to participating in the Inmate Work Detail.

Criminal History

  • All Inmates have their current criminal history reviewed to evaluate their risk of escape and danger to the community. No violent criminals are allowed to participate in the Inmate Work Detail.

Medical Clearance

  • All Inmates participating in the Inmate Work Detail must undergo a medical evaluation from the PSO medical staff. Inmates must be in good health and receive clearance before being permitted on the Work Detail.

Work History / Skills

  • Inmates with specific skills such as carpentry, brick masonry, painting, carpet installation and similar help determine eligibility. This criteria is not necessary but can determine the types of tasks that the detail may be able to complete.

Current Charges

  • Inmates that have pending charges are ineligible due to the requirement that participating inmates must be sentenced.

Project Selection

    Both Sheriff Craig and Sgt. Brett McDaniels work closely with the Pickens County Government, Pickens County Board of Education and Civic Organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce to identify areas where the Inmate Work Detail can be utilized. The Inmate Work Detail is utilized for trash pickup on county and state roadways throughout Pickens County. They have also been used to help prepare for community festivals, various landscaping projects for public buildings, various construction projects and much more.